How can Compass help me?

Welcome to Compass: Navigating your long-term condition.

Compass is an online program made up of a set of sessions. These are written to help you with different things you might find challenging when living with a long-term condition (LTC).

During Compass you will be supported by a trained healthcare professional. They will provide this support at regular points during the program, either by phone or online message.

Just like a real compass, this website is a tool you can use to plan and navigate your journey of living with a LTC or multiple LTCs.

We all experience difficulties in everyday life, but having one or more LTCs can make some things more challenging. Having a LTC sometimes means making changes or taking a new path. This can be difficult. Understandably this makes us feel a whole range of emotions, for example, sadness, frustration, anger, and/or worry. If this sounds like something you are experiencing, then Compass can help.

With Compass you are steering the ship - it allows you to take steps towards managing your emotional and physical wellbeing. The program is designed to give you tools, skills and support.

People with LTCs have taught us there is no one formula for all, so Compass has been designed as a journey. You can navigate the program in the way that works best for you.

We hope to keep improving Compass and would be delighted to hear your thoughts at the end of your journey.

Penny is one of the patients who was involved in developing Compass. In this video she talks about her experience of using Compass and what it meant to her.