What evidence supports Compass?

Compass was developed using the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) Complex Intervention Development Framework. To develop a program like Compass, the MRC recommends that researchers gather all existing research evidence in this area. Experts and patients are then asked for their views on the evidence. The Compass development team did exactly that and found:

  • Cognitive-behavioural treatments (which explore health related thoughts and behaviours) are recommended for people with LTCs. These help support people to manage their LTC and the emotional challenges that commonly happen in response to illness (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence, 2009).


  • Evidence is often based on treatments for depression and anxiety and does not explore the relationship between mind and body. This means that treatments do not necessarily take into account how having a LTC specifically affects your mood.


  • We developed a theory to explain the complex processes that can trigger difficulties and keep them going when trying to adjust to living with LTCs.


  • We used our theory to develop a specific program to help people manage both the emotional and physical side of having a LTC.

The result is Compass!

The research does not end there though - we want to keep making Compass better. You can help by providing feedback for us via the ‘Contact us’ button at the bottom of the page once you have logged in, or at the end of each session.